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HPT Sports Congress celebrates - 12 years of establishment of HPT company

17/05/2019 | 07:26

On May 14th 2019, to launch the movement to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the establishment of the company, HPT organized a HPT Sports Congress with the participation of all officials and employees in the factory.

This competition consists of two parts. There are Running and Tug game. Total company is divided into teams with different teams competing.

In the first match, the teams voted 3 members who are the fastest to run the relay on the 1.2km long road. The team that finishes at the earliest will be the winner. At the finish line, the first Prize belonged to the team of Inspection TEAM and the Second Prize belonged to both Office TEAM and PCB TEAM. Third prize belonged to Production TEAM.

In the second match of the competition, the members nominated 10 people who are the most power to participate in the battle of Tug. This round will be eliminated directly. At the final round, two Japanese experts working at Vietnam at that time also participated.


Teams put strength into the Final

(Having the participation of 2 Japanese experts in this match)

HPT director and deputy director took the picture with 2 Japanese experts


First prize of Running - Inspection TEAM

First prize of Tug –Print Paste TEAM

After a dramatic time of competitions, the victory finally called the teams as the following table:





First prize

Inspection TEAM

Print Paste TEAM

Inspection TEAM

Second prize

PCB, Office TEAM

Inspection TEAM

Print Paste TEAM

Third prize

Production TEAM

View Check, Handa TEAM,

PCB, Office TEAM

Consolation prizes

The remaining teams

The remaining teams

The remaining teams


HPT is not really a professional company at work but also a company with an extremely rich and diverse extracurricular life. Along with these sports movements, the spiritual life of employees also becomes better and more enthusiastic at work because we know that HPT is growing stronger.