【Product Information 】


There is compact size buzzers which are able to generate very loud sound.

・ 4 variety of tones  
・ Available customizing tones
・ Low current consumption, battery lasts long 
・ Simplified waterproof

Suitable for security alarm of safety box, motorcycle and automobile.

* Ultra-miniature in cubic volume and light in weight. 
* Low power consumption. 
* Very clear electronic sound can be heard in the distance, even under noisycircumstances.  
* No electric noise due to contacting parts; superior reliability and lifetime. 
* Wide range of operating voltages (3~12V DC/AC). 
* Pin type enables easy mounting of buzzer on printed circuit boards.
* Washable top-sealed buzzer is also available upon request. 



【Product Application】  

Home electronics : TV, electronic oven, refrigerator, washing machine, electronic jar, electric fan, interphone, etc.   
 Office equipment : Facsimile, copying machine, personal computer, PDA, etc.  
 Acoustic product : Thin type speaker, tweeter, headphone, thin type radio, earphone, etc.  
 Watch & toy : Digital watches, alarm clock, family computer, desktop computer, melody card, etc.  
 Automobile : Voice-synthesized speaker, back buzzer, speed alarm buzzer, other alarm buzzers, etc.  
 Security & alarm : Gas leakage alarm, fire alarm, burglar alarm, etc.  
 Other : vending machines, camera & strobe, blood pressure checker, etc.