Entrusted Import-Export Service

Nowadays, more and more society is developing with advanced technologies and global economic integration. It means the demand of goods exchanges among countries is increasing and import-export is more and more necessary. But customs import & export procedure is still so complex and causes difficulties for many companies. With experience in foreign trade in the world and professional staffs who are thoroughly conversant with the customs formalities and negotiation with foreign partners, HanelPT will help importing-exporting activities of our clients to be more quickly and smoothly.

HanelPT was trusted by partners to represent the partners do all import-export procedures in customs and international trade activities:

Consulting and supporting clients in import-export procedures, on behalf of clients to implement import-export procedures in customs and merchandise exchange at the ports.
Consulting and on behalf of clients to sign international contract and implement all procedures related to international payments.

Supporting clients in solving problems with their foreign partners and in import-export procedures.